Line Scan Lenses
Model: 0275

For Highest Quality Built to Last

Optimized for short work distance
Image Circle up to Ø60mm, For 8K7μ line-scan camera

The high resolution line scan lenses of 00402 and 0275 seires designed and produced by LaserOptec, with a great imaging quality, and features of compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures, are widely used in industrial and machine vision field. Optional adapters are available, F mount, M42, M48, M58, M72, M90, V mount.

These high-resolution, high-speed lenses are optimized for the use of 8k pixel line scan sensors.
The image circles of up to 60 mm meet the length of currently available 8k 7µm CCD/ CMOS lines.
High resolution, MTF up to 160lp/mm
Nearly zero distortion ensures the accuracy of measurement.
Optional adapters available, F mount, M42, M48, M58, M72, M90, V mount
Even image quality and consistent illumination from the center to the edge of the image.
Compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures
Available for most of the large-format and line scan cameras in the market.

Web inspection, Quality control, Surface inspection, Line Scan applications, Machine vision
Printing test, LCD test, glass test, solar energy test, lithium battery test, circuit board test, etc

  • line scan lens 0275
  • line scan lens 0275

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