1.2" 25MP FA Lens

Image Circle Ø19.3mm, 25MP, 1.2", C-Mount

The high resolution FA CCTV Lens 2528 series designed and produced by LaserOptec, for 1.2" and 25MP sensors, with a great imaging quality, and features of compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures, are widely used in industrial and machine vision field.

Image circle Ø19.3mm
Available for 1.2", 25MP, 2.74μ cameras
High resolution, MTF up to 180lp/mm
Vibration insensitivity for stable imaging performance all over the sensor
Even image quality and consistent illumination from the center to the edge of the image.
Nearly zero distortion <0.05% ensures the accuracy of measurement.
Compact, robust, and lockable in distance and apertures
Standard C-Mount

Machine Vision, 3D measurement, Robotics, Automation, Positioning, Visual inspection, Inspection systems, Medical, Food & beverage

Focal Length 25.1mm
Image Circle Ø19.30mm / 1.2"
FNO F2.8~F16
Working Distance 15mm~inf
Distortion <0.05% @ WD520mm
Interface C-Mount
Filter Thread M30 x 0.5
  • 25MP FA Lens
  • 25MP FA Lens
  • 1.2 CCTV Lens
  • 1.2 CCTV Lens

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