At LaserOptec, we specializes in high performance polarization management coatings, and we are adept at super high precision prisms and flat processing as well as gluing and optical bonding.

Experts in SF57 manufacturing
Specialized in custom light solutions
Experts in prisms manufacturing and bonding
Ultra hard dielectric coatings
Improved gluing interface by advanced bonding processing
Durability, Reliability
Minimum absorption and scattering losses
In-house OEM and custom manufacturing solutions

Display, HD Imaging, AR, VR, Projector, Lcos, Laser, etc.
Please contact us for more specific applications for your needs.

Optical material CDGM, SCHOTT, CORNING, etc.
Size Custom size, shape
Surface quality 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Surface flatness < 1/4λ @ 632.8nm
Coating AR, HR, PBS, NPBS, Dichroic
Clear Aperture >90% of central dimension

We offer custom specifications and coatings, please contact us for more information.