Optical Lenses

LaserOptec offers optical lenses included spherical, achromatic, aspheric, and cylindrical lenses, both with and without optical coatings by our advanced thin film deposition technology.

Super-smooth polishing
Ultra hard dielectric coatings
Durability, Reliability
Low scattering, Low absorption, Enables high strength
Surface quality to 10-5
Surface flatness to < 1/10λ
Surface roughness to 2 Å
Various optical materials and shapes with flat, convex, and concave
In-house OEM and custom manufacturing solutions

Optical material CDGM, SCHOTT, HOYA, CORNING, etc.
Size Custom size, shape
Surface quality 10-5 Scratch-Dig
Surface flatness < 1/4λ @ 632.8nm
Centration <1 arc min
Coating AR, HR, Custom coatings
Clear Aperture >90% of central dimension

We offer custom lenses of customized focal length, configurations, specifications and coatings, please contact us for more information.