Optical Coatings

LaserOptec provides professional customized optical coating services, which can be coated on various substrates such as optical glass, UVFS, zerodur, crystals, plastics, etc.
The spectrum range from UV ultraviolet, VIS visible light to IR infrared spectrum can be coated as required.

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Benefits of LaserOptec Coatings:
UV-VIS-IR broad range
Low-loss, Low scattering, low absorption
Reduced Spectral Shifting
High damage laser thresholds
Environmental stability
Durability, Environmentally stable
20+years experience of optical coating

Typical Coatings:
AR, antireflection
HR, high reflection
PR, partial reflection
Polarizing coatings
Non-polarizing coatings
Dichroic coatings
Crystal coatings
Laser Mirror coatings
Beamsplitter coatings
Spectral coatings
Bandpass filters
Edgepass filters
Notch filters
Neutral density filters
Hot mirrors, Cold mirrors
Al, Ag, Au, Cr coatings
Hydrophobic coatings
ITO coatings

Triplet AR VIS broadband AR UV HR Polarizing Non-polarizing Longpass Shortpass Bandpass