Custom Optical Lenses

LaserOptec designs, develops and produces various industrial and consumer lenses, such as Telecentric lenses, LineScan lenses, Fixed Focal Length lenses, Anamorphic cinema lenses, Eyepiece and Objective lenses, SWIR, Telecentric lenses, Relay lenses, Zoom lenses, Macro lenses, Collimating lenses, Beam Expanding lenses, VR/AR lenses, etc. for a widely applications of Industrial, Optical inspection, Semiconductor Wafer AOI, PCB inspection, Automotive, Robots, Solar energy, Aerospace, Medical etc.
LaserOptec provides custom lens design and overall optical solutions, for your various specific optical needs.

In-house design and manufacturing solutions
Imaging, illumination, laser, etc.
Complex optical system design capabilities
Fast prototype and stablity mass production

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Lens Capability

Custom lenses:
Anamophic Cinema Lenses: 1.8X, up to Full frame, 1.8X, PL and LPL mount, high-end cinema lenses.
UV projection lighting lens: 405nm, 7.4X~7.8X zoom, for UV projection, uniform illumination better than 99%.
DMD photoetching lighting imaging all-in-one lens: 365nm/405nm, 2X, integrated imaging and lighting, for UV photoetching.
Dual path bi-telecentric lenses: Bi-telecentric design, 1X and 0.25X imaging together, uniform dual path coaxial illumination, simultaneously test object position and object details.
Large format bi-telecentric lenses: Image circle Ø35mm, bi-telecentric, uniform coaxial illumination, a bigger NA in object, uniform imaging.
Lagre format multispectral fluorescence zoom macro lens: Image circle Ø26mm, 0.5X~1X, multispectral, for fluorescence.
CCD gun aiming eyepieces and objectives: longer distance of exit pupil, larger field of view, for chip size 0.39" and 0.5", 11X ~ 17X, for night vision telescope.
Relay Lens(Teleconverter): Relay lens is used for shorten and simulate the testing distence, for mobile, notebook, automobile camera module test.
High-Power UV F-Theta Lens: 355nm,spotsizes vary up to 4.5~6 µm, fro high-precision laser processing.
AR/VR Lens: Specially designed lens, simulated the approximate size, position, and FOV of the human eyes, solution for AR/VR.

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