LaserOptec offers high quality Nd:YLF, the ROD diameter from 2mm to 10mm, length from 1mm to 150mm, Nd doping from 0.4 to 1.2%.
Tm:YLF, Pr:YLF, Ho:YLF are also avaiable

Nd:YLF is an excellent crystal for modelocked operation because it combines the characteristics of weak thermal lensing, large fluorescence line width and naturally polarized oscillation.
Nd:YLF is used for 1047nm and 1053nm wavelength lasers.
LaserOptec uses high purity materials, chemical reaction atmosphere and special equipment to produce high quality Nd:YLF crystals, providing laser rods of various specifications for Nd:YLF, Tm:YLF, Pr:YLF and Ho:YLF.

Advantages of Nd:YLF:
High power, low beam divergence, efficient single mode operation
High average power Q-switching at a moderate repetition rate
Linear polarized resonators for Q-switching and frequency doubling
Potential uniform mode for large diameter rods or slabs
Stimulated emission cross section is favorable for low CW threshold
Thermal lensing lower than that of YAG
1053nm output of Nd:YLF matches gain curves of Nd:Glass and perform

Physical and Chemical Properties
Laser Transition 4F3/24I11/2
Laser Wavelength 1047nm,1053nm
Emission Cross Section E‖C:1.8*10-19cm2@1047nm
Fluorescence Lifetime 485μs@1.0at%Nd
Index of Refraction No=1.443 Ne=1.464@633nm
No=1.448 Ne=1.470@1064nm
Physical and Chemical Properties
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Melting Point 825°C
Mohs Hardness 4-5
Density 3.95g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 0.06W/cm/K
Young's Modulus 7.5*1011dynes cm-2
Tensile Strength 3.3*108dynes cm-2
Thermal Expansion Coefficient [100]Direction: 13*10-6/K
[001]Direction: 8*10-6/K