Super long working distance

Infinity corrected
Large field of view
Long working distance
Plan apochromat
Ultra high brightness


Model Focal Length Magnification NA Field of View Mount Wavelength Working Distance Resolution Depth of Field Datasheet
MC-LD-2X 100mm 2X 0.055 Ø16.5mm M26x0.706 430nm~670nm 25mm 5.0μm ±91μm Download
MC-LD-5X 40mm 5X 0.14 Ø6.6mm M26x0.706 430nm~670nm 35mm 2.0μm ±14μm Download
MC-LD-10X 20mm 10X 0.28 Ø3.3mm M26x0.706 430nm~670nm 34mm 1.0μm ±3.5μm Download

Custom and OEM requirements are available, such as magnification, wavelength, FOV, etc.