Pinhole Lens

High temperature metallurgical furnace pinhole lens, can be used for real-time monitoring high temperature and high pressure dusty and other harshly environment and special places, such as oil boiler, glass melting furnace, steel smelting furnace, cement furnace, etc.

High temperature resistant
Real-time monitoring of high temperature metallurgical furnaces
High image quality
Large and wide field of view
Large depth of field, small distortion

FK Series Pinhole Lenses rapid selection

Model Focal Length(mm) FNO Max.Image Format(mm) Working Distance(mm) Resolution Field of View Mount(mm) Specifications Datasheet
FK0418 4 1.8 1/3" 150 ~ Inf. 2M 70.5° CS-Mount Download
FK0420CS 4~20 4.0 1/2.7" 300 ~ Inf. 2M 67°~19.7° CS-Mount Download
FK0420C 4~20 4.0 1/2.7" 300 ~ Inf. 2M 67°~19.7° C-Mount Download
FK02818 2.8 1.8 1/2.5" 100 ~ Inf. 2M 110° CS-Mount Download