SC Series 16K High Magnification Line Scan Lens

Comparable to World's TOP Industrial Lenses
The Ultimate Solution for High Speed, High End and High Magnification 16K Linescan Applications

The extremely high resolution 3.5μ pixel size and high magnification SC seriecs line scan lenses apply to a such big image circle from 60mm to 100mm are specially developed for semiconductor and Mini LED industry, used for silicon wafer AOI and OLED surface defect inspection and customized magnifications from 1X, 2.5X, 3.5X to 5X are available.

Features of SC010:
Excellent brightness ∞Fno 2.59 is a perfect choice for high speed applications
Excellent uniformity and extremely high resolution throughout the entire Ø62 image circle
Up to 220 lp/mm in the center field of view
High NA, high contrast, very low distortion
Excellent RGB chromatic aberration correction provides images with color
Suitable for line scan camera such as 16K3.5μ, 12K5μ, 8K7μ

SC series Line Scan Lenses rapid selection

Model Magnification
Object NA FNO Optical
Telecentricity Resolution Max.Image
Mount(mm) Specifications
SC010 1.0 0.091 2.59(∞) <0.01% <6.5° 3.5μm Ø62 174.5 Customized Download
SC010-M72 1.0 0.091 2.59(∞) <0.01% <6.5° 3.5μm Ø62 174.5 M72x0.75 Download