Video Microscope Unit

Microscope tube with large entrance pupil and diffraction limit performance

Focal length 100mm/200mm
Diffraction limit performance
Telecentric illumination
Compact, light-weight, rigidity
Dual camera applicaiton
Customized available


Model Focal Length Magnification Image Format Mount Wavelength Weight Specifications Datasheet
VMU-100-16D 100mm 0.5X Ø16mm Dual C-Mount (Dual cameras) 430nm~670nm 809g Download
VMU-100-16S 100mm 0.5X Ø16mm C-Mount 430nm~670nm 779g Download
VMU-200-33S 200mm 1.0X Ø33mm F-Mount / M58 430nm~670nm TBC Download
VMU-200E-33D 200mm 1.0X Ø33mm Dual M58 (Dual cameras) 430nm~670nm TBC Download

Custom requirements and OEM solutions are available, such as dual-camera, laser, focal length, double magnification(high & low), wavelength UV, VIS, IR, etc.