Optical Filters

LaserOptec offers a wide range of hard-coated optical filters, with the superior performance, proven reliability and batch-to-batch reproducibility, for the applications of medical, laser, analysis, etc, included bandpass filters, longpass filters, shortpass filters, fluorescence filters, cosmetic filters, color glass filters and more.

Optimized for special applications
Custom shapes and sizes
Thin film and hard-coated, Durable dielectric coating
Unsurpassed performance, Durability, Reliability
Steep edge with very high reflection and transmission
In-house OEM and custom manufacturing solutions

Typical Specifications
Optical Material K9, B270, Color glass, Fused Silica, Custom Material
Size Diameter or rectangular, Custom size, shape
Surface quality 60-40 Scratch-Dig
Surface flatness <1/4λ@632.8nm
Coating Bandpass, Longpass, Shortpass, Dichroic, ND, UV, IR, etc.
Clear Aperture >90% of central dimension

Medical, biomedical, analysis, laser, astronomy, Display, Imaging
Medical aesthetic treatment, Fluorescence analysis, Flow cytometry, Hair removal, Heat control, etc.

Bandpass Filters Longpass Filters Longpass and Shortpass Filters Shortpass Filters Longpass Filters Dichroic Filters Dichroic Filters Dichroic Filters

Optical filters are widely used in variety applications and markets, please contact us to get the best solution for your needs.