Laser Crystals

LaserOptec specializes in the production of optical crystals, including laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, magneto-optical crystals, birefringent crystals, acousto-optical crystals, electro-optical crystals etc.

  • Nd:YAG
  • Cr:YAG
  • Yb:YAG
  • Nd:GdVO4
  • YVO4
  • Nd:YVO4
  • Bonding Crystals
    Bonding Crystals
  • Bonding Crystals
    Bonding Crystals

Bonding Crystals:
YAG+ND:YAG+CR:YAG;GdVO4 +Nd:GdVO4 ; YVO4+Nd:YVO4 ;YLF+Nd:YLF or other doping (Ho:YAG, Tm:YLF, Tm:YAG...)

Nd:YLF: Learn More
Rod diameter from 2mm to 10mm, length from 1mm to 150mm
Nd doping from 0.4 to 1.2%
Tm:YLF, Pr:YLF, Ho:YLF are also avaiable

Nd:YAG is the earliest and most famous laser host crystal. Since it combines great advantages in many basic properties, Nd:YAG is the ubiquitous presence for near-infrared solid-state lasers and their frequencydoubler, tripler, and higher order multiplier

Cr4+:YAG (Y3Al5O12) is an ideal material for passive Q-switching of Nd:YAG and other Nd and Yb doped lasers in the wavelength range of 0.8 to 1.2 mm. One of the remarkable features of Cr4+:YAG is high damage threshold (better than 500 MW/cm2). Passive Q-Switching is preferred for simplicity of manufacturing and operation, low cost and reduced system size and weight.

It is more suitable for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. It can be pumped at 0.94 μm laser output. Compared with the commonly used Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-state lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power. Yb:YAG crystal is expected to replace Nd:YAG crystal for high power diode-pumped lasers and other potential applications.

Er:YAG is an excellent laser crystal which lases at 2940 nm.This wavelength is the most readily absorbed into water and hydroxylapatite of all existing wavelengths and is considered a highly surface cutting laser. It has wide applications in medical applications, such as dental (hard tissues), orthopedics, etc.

Nd:YVO4 is the most efficient laser host crystal for diode pumping among the current commercial laser crystals, especially, for low to middle power density. This is mainly for its absorption and emission features surpassing Nd:YAG.
Doping from 0.1-3%

Nd:GdVO4, is a promising material for diode pumped lasers. Similar to the more well-known Nd:YVO4 crystal, Nd:GdVO4 crystal also exhibits high gain, low threshold, and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths. Nd:GdVO4 has the additional advantage over Nd:YVO4 of a much higher thermal conductivity. For CW lasing at 1.06 um and 1.34 um and intracavity doubling with KTP and LBO, the gadolinium vanadate have produced a higher slope efficiency or optical conversion than Nd:YVO4.
Doping from 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7%, 1.0%, 3% etc.

Neodymium doped Potassium-Gadolinium Tungstate crystals (Nd:KGd(WO4)2 or Nd:KGW) is an excellent laser gain material which has low laser oscillations threshold and higher emission section. Standard doping: 3%, 5%, 8%.

Ytterbium doped Potassium-Gadolinium Tungstate crystals - (Yb:KGd(WO4)2 or Yb:KGW) is an excellent laser gain material which has important advantages over the widely used Nd3+ doped materials. Its broad spectral emission band 1023-1060nm allows the generation of short (ps or fs) laser pulses.
Standard doping: 5%,10%.

Er,Cr:YSGG (Erbium,Chromium doped Yttrium Scandium Gallium Garnet) provides an efficient laser crystal for generating 2800nm light in an important water absorption band.

Titanium doped Sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) is the most widely used laser crystal for widely tunable and ultrashort pulsed lasers with high gain and power outputs

Special Crystals:
GSGG / Nd:GSGG / Er:YSGG / Er:Cr:YSGG / Yb:Ho:Lu:YAG / LGS / GSGG /GGG/ Nd:GSGG / Er:YSGG / Yb:Ho:Lu:YAG/ LGS etc.
Custom crystals: Abnormal crystals, sphere crystals and other laboratory crystals.