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Qingdao LaserOptec located in Qingdao High-tech District, focuses on manufacturing high-precision Optical Lenses and Optical components, included lenses, windows, prisms, filters, beamsplitters, mirrors, polarizers, crystals, etc. for a variety of general and specialty applications of Laser, Medical, Imaging, Display, Life science, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Metrology, Research, Telecom, etc.

Optical Lenses
Optical Components

LaserOptec resides in a 30,000 square foot facility with a class 10,000 clean room. Utilizing advanced fabrication techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we have a full range of capabilities from initial shaping, grinding and polishing to advanced coating and final assembly, that allows us to offer a diverse mix of high quality, cost-effective precision optics. LaserOptec offers rapid prototype development as well as high volume production, with repeatable performance and reliability.

Highlight Products:

Optical Lenses Medical Lenses Optical Components Optical Coatings Optical Crystals
Machine Vision Lenses
Scope Eyepiece
Relay Lenses
Custom Lenses
4K Zoom Endoscopy Couplers
4K Endoscopy Couplers
Optical Materials
Optical Lenses
Optical Windows
Optical Prisms
Optical Mirrors
Optical Filters
AR, antireflection
HR, high reflection
Polarizing coaitngs
High Power Laser Coatings
Optical Filters
Metallic Coating
Hydrophobic Coatings
ITO Coatings
Laser Crystals
NLO Crystals
Magneto-optical Crystals
Birefringent Crystals
AO & EO Crystals

With decades of combined experience and expertise, LaserOptec is committed to working closely with you to understand your optical requirements, and strives to provide the best quality products, on time delivery, and the best customer service. We are your long-term and trusted partner!

We are your long-term and trusted partner!